Listed below are Mahmood's Designs & Prototypes and Exhibitions & Publications. To view his complete resumé you can click here.

Designs & Prototypes

Steel Sculptures (symbolism & spirituality), 1985-current
American Flag with Spirituality, 1998
Sense of Unity Machine, 1988-2002
Center Drive Automobile, 1996
New Tools for Auto Repair, 1993-current
Holographic Table and Equipment, 1980-87
Optic Piece for Neon Animation, 1982
Audio Laser Scanner, 1981
Holography Laboratory, Mass. College of Art, 1981
Aqua Vision, Tehran, Persia, 1978
Lighting Sequencer, Tehran, Persia, 1978
Sealing Wax Dispenser, Shah Palace, Tehran, Persia, 1973

Exhibitions & Publications

ABC's Chronicle (July 2005)

The Repair Man
(70-min): A documentary film about Mahmood to be shown at Sundance, 2005

New England Art Magazine: Featured article on artistic and spiritual works, 2004

Exhibition of Art Work: Three day exhibit attended by four hundred individuals from around the country, 2004

Boston Globe, Sunday Magazine:
Two full-paged article on spiritual art work, 2004

I am (24-min.): A film documenting Mahmood's life and artwork, shown at the Damah Film Festival in Seattle Museum, Washington, 2002-current

INC. National Magazine: one full paged featured article on artistic and spiritual works, 2001

Boston Phoenix Newspaper: two full paged featured article on artistic and spiritual works,. 1999

BBC London: interviewed by the British Broadcasting Cooperation on artistic and spiritual works. 1999 North Cambridge Artist Association Exhibition: displayed pieces at Aladdin Auto Service, 1998

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