Mahmood is appreciative of all the help
he has received in creating his art.

Thanks to God, the creator of all matter and everything, to the coal and steel miners, who work in steel refineries to produce steel, to those who helped directly and indirectly, those who provided the transportation, to those who work with the water system, sewage system, and the electric system, to those who create pencils, paper, rules and everything else to draw, to those who created computers, hardware, and software, and those who continue to create new technology, to the people who helped with programming my work, to Anne, and the graphic design company in Everett, to Charlie Vital Sign in Arlington, to Northeast Industrial Tech, Tom and Kevin, to Central Steel and George, to Chris from Tech Fusion, to all my customers; the friends, the doctors, the artists, and the scientists, to the Cambridge Ambulance Company, to the Cambridge Police and Fire Department.

Thanks to my wife, Marianne, who always gives me moral and emotional support, to Siedeh and Hamideh, my daughters, who are my own personal researchers and typists, and are constantly on call, to my son, Ali, with all his help driving the forklift, during the making of the pieces, to my little girl, Amerieh, for all the little presents she has found and brought to me saying, "Baba, this is for you."

Thanks to all the newspapers who have put this event in their calendars, all the writers who have written about my work, and all the photographers who have taken pictures of my work.

Thanks to Tricia Anderson, who for the past three years has been driving back and forth from Pennsylvania to finish the documentary, to Joe Upham for contributing to this website, to David Hill for coordinating its further development and to David Turell for designing it and seeing it through, to the teachers who taught me the knowledge I have and to those who will teach me more in the future, to all my enemies, their negatives energy towards me has pushed me to work harder towards my goal.

We all have been working hard to make this artwork possible.

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