Abdul Hussain Rezaei Kamalabad from Nain, Isfahan, Persia, married, Fatima Assilayasdi from Qom, Persia. In 1952, they had their third son, Mahmood.

Mahmood studied Art in high school and after he graduated he moved to the United States to attend university. He received a Bachelors and Masters degree in fine arts and then attempted to get a PhD in Islamic Science and Western Science under the interference wave and depth, related to holography and Islamic geometric patterns. Due to economic problems, Mahmood was unable to finish his PhD. 

At the present time, Mahmood works as a mechanic to make a living.

He married Marianne Murphy in 1984, and the two of them now have four children, Siedeh, Hamideh, Ali, and Amireh.

As an artist Mahmood works to unite all religions as one spirit within the human body toward a greater truth.

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